Stacey McKay, a Florida Real Estate Broker with over 33 years of Business and Real Estate Experience with a specialty in Property Management. President of Property Management University, Inc. a Florida Licensed Real Estate School providing specialty Property Management Training presentations for those in the field of Management. Also, a Relational Wisdom beyond Emotional Intelligence, Instructor. 

     Stacey, a Keynote Speaker and Property Management Trainer available by booking for presentations to Businesses, Trade Associations, Local & National Organizations.

   Our Services

  • Motivational Keynote Speaker

  • Property Management Training by group booking

  • Relational Wisdom ®   Going beyond Emotional Intelligence Training

         Stacey McKay

Our Mission

    Our Mission is to Motivate individuals through education to learn and grow. Through specialized training programs individuals will learn to use their gifts and talents to influence other's in a positive way personally and professionally.

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