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  • Permitted Florida Real Estate School 

  • Property Management & Real Estate Specialty Training

  • Relational Wisdom ® ...Going beyond Emotional Intelligence Certified Instructors (RW)

  • Time Bank ® Training 

  • Mediation & Conflict Coaching

  • Business Training /Retreats

  • Event Emcee - Moderator

     Offices - Central Florida


      Stacey McKay is a Florida Real Estate Broker with over 36 years of Real Estate Experience with a specialty in Property Management. Stacey owned and operated 4 Brokerages over several decades and is a Florida Real Estate School permit holder.

Stacey McKay- Relational Wisdom... Going beyond Emotional Intelligence, Certified Instructor®. 


     Business Trainers are available by booking for presentations to Businesses, Trade Associations, Local & National Organizations.

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