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  Topics for Group Training*

  •       Business Development and Marketing for new business   (3 hrs)

  •       Relational Wisdom® (RW) Going Beyond Emotional Intelligence™ (1 to 6 hrs)  Values-based & Faith-based

  •       Trust Liability... balancing your Bank Statement is not enough  (4 hrs)

  •       Conflict Resolution Courses (1 - 6 hrs)

  •       Security Deposit Claims and Evaluations for Florida Landlords  (3 hrs)

  •       When Owner's say "Sell my Tenant Occupied Home" (1.5 hrs)

  •       Emotional Intelligence and better staff productivity  (1 hr)

*  Not a complete list.. call for additional Topics and the pricing to book an Event. Many topics can be adjusted for shortened time frames. Such as Lunch and learns.

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