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Jeff S. - Attended Exploring Relational Wisdom Workshop:

Great day of learning with Stacey McKay Company on the topic of Relational Wisdom. Highly recommend for any organization that wishes to enhance employee moral and productivity.

Jamie M. - Attended Exploring Relational Wisdom Workshop:

This was an absolutely phenomenal training! Stacey McKay should be hired by every corporation as far as I’m concerned. It’s a training that gets you thinking on a deeper level, internalizing where you feel you can get more connected to yourself and others based around your emotions. One of the best compliments I can give is that it’s like the “Forest Gump” of movies, in that you could attend this training again and again and enjoy it immensely every time!

Brian W. -  Attending 3 Day Executive Training for Property Managers:

This was just what I needed to start a new PM Business. There is so much to know and Stacey McKay answered every question we could throw at her. If you are a current PM, thinking about PM or just considering PM, this class is for you.

Arturo T. - Attended various NARPM meetings where Stacey taught:

Best place to learn how to do the job right! I will continue to attend classes.

Carlos D. - Attended 3 Day Executive Training for Property Managers:

Superb customer service and knowledge of the house market.

Clarence C. - Attended a Leadership Conference where Relational Wisdom was taught

Stacey did a phenomenal job with her Presentation and was very honest and transparent.

Becca M. -  Attended a Missions Conference where Peacemaking was taught

Loved this so much!! Great job & so thankful for God's work through your life!!







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